Inspired by the idea of podcasting

but overwhelmed by  starting?

Christian Podcast Kickstart makes launching your podcast easy.


Yes, Please!

Does this sound like you?

 You have an idea in your heart that’s been there for some time

  You want to help people and are looking to build relationships as a way to serve them

  Someone told you that you should start a podcast

  You want to start a movement by bringing the Kingdom of God to your niche 

  You’re ready to launch your own podcast that allows you to connect with an audience, change lives, meet amazing people (including your favorite authors), and make a difference in the world

Whether You’re a…

Christian Entrepreneur

...who wants to serve existing clients and bring in new ones


...with a message who wants to share your wisdom with the world


...who wants to connect with people beyond the Sunday sermon.

You’ve Come to the Right Place! 

Christian Podcast Kickstart

A group coaching experience, 

giving you all the tools, ideas, and help
you need to
launch your podcast.

This is exactly what I need!

By the end of four weeks, you will have:

 Defined your audience so you know who each episode is for

Assembled your perfect podcasting studio, no matter what your budget is
Developed your audio editing skills

Established the perfect guest process to connect like a pro

Created the perfect, repeatable workflow so you can consistently produce a great podcast

Launched your show to Apple, Spotify, Google, and more

Hi. I'm Eric.

I started podcasting in 2016 after listening to thousands of hours of shows at work. In 2017, I started Christian Podcasters Association to help Christians start and grow their podcasts because audio is a great way to bring the Kingdom of God to any niche. 

That's me with my family where we live in beautiful Colorado.

Annie Perdue-Olson

Leading Better Together

Eric Nevins offers tons of knowledge AND great wisdom to help you apply what you need to know for your podcast.

Paul McDonald

Men at the Movies Podcast

I went from guessing about what would work and what I needed to do to having direct action steps.

Amber Cullum

Grace Enough Podcast

Eric is quick to answer my questions, encourage me on my podcasting journey, and provide resources that helped hone my message and grow my audience.

Yes, I Need This!

What’s Inside?

Quick Start: Make Your Tech Choices & Set Your Intentions

Learn exactly what kind of hardware you need to get podcasting and make your decisions early. Whether you are on a budget or want the full studio, in this module, you will learn about microphone types and choose the one that helps you get started. By the end of this module, you will know exactly what you need.

Week 1: Define Your Podcast

The key to building a successful podcast is knowing who you want to serve and how you will serve them. In this module, you will define who you are talking to, why they want to listen to your show and the promise you make. You will use this information to pick the perfect name for your show, one that you love telling people is yours. You will learn about the format options and pick the one that works best for you.

Week 2: Build Your Podcast

In this module, you will learn how to use all the technology you need to create your ideal podcast. You will learn how to use a microphone and tips to keep the room quiet. Then, you will learn how to edit your show including adding music, taking out the awkward parts, and crafting a great show. Plus, you’ll learn how to add your podcast to your website (yes, you need one) and select hosting for your show. You will create a perfect and professional guest process.

Week 3: Launch Your Podcast

In this module, you will learn how to record a simple and effective trailer for your podcast, how to submit your show to the podcast apps and the most important podcast platforms. You will choose a date to launch, commit to a release schedule, learn how to use show notes for your advantage, and an easy launch strategy.

Week 4: Promote Your Podcast

In this module, you will learn how to put together and activate a launch team, find a social sharing strategy that connects you to your audience, and how to set up your email list to get that started early.

When you enroll now, you'll get:

  4 group coaching meetings to ensure you're creating with feedback from pros. Thursday nights starting September 28, 2023 at 8 PM (ET).

 4 “Get it Done” modules explaining each and every step to turn your podcast idea into reality

 The complete course set of pdfs full of helpful and clarifying exercises, tips, and strategies 

 A step-by-step plan to create a highly relatable online presence for your podcast connecting with your ideal listener

 The Great Guest Formula to find guests your audience wants to hear and a professional process to make it happen

 Private Facebook community to ask questions and keep yourself accountable

Plus these amazing BONUSES:


 2 Bonus Ask Me Anything Sessions - A $297 value

 1 Coaching session with one of our coaches to help you gain clarity (must be used during the span of the course) - A $297 value

 Full access to CPA Gold (our membership for podcasters) including invitations to meetings and the Gold session library of videos for the duration of the course - A $98 value


Over $680 of Bonuses!

Enroll in...
Christian Podcast Kickstart

3 Monthly Payments


Course + 6 Week Group Coaching

  • Complete course videos
  • Course PDF resources
  • Audio of lessons available
  • BONUS: CPA Gold membership with full access to library of informative sessions during course
  • Group coaching sessions to ask your questions
  • Private community

One Payment - Best Deal


Course + 6 Week Group Coaching

  • Complete course videos
  • Course PDF resources
  • Audio of lessons available
  • BONUS: CPA Gold membership with full access to library of informative sessions during course
  • Group coaching sessions to ask your questions
  • Private community

Starts February 29, 2024 at 3 PM (ET)

Here’s the deal,

This course is the complete beginning-to-end process for starting a podcast. If you want to publish a show and build an audience, this course is for you.

Our community is filled with mission-driven Christians who see the opportunity podcasting offers to spread the Gospel around the world using their unique God-given abilities. When you join, you will be part of that group.

By the end of 14 days, you will have received access to two modules of the course covering the most important aspects of podcast creation. You’ll know how to choose your topic, know your audience, and format the show. You will even learn how to record, edit, and upload your content.

You will know whether this is something you are ready for.

That means, that you will have the chance to envision exactly the podcast God is calling you to create and have all you need to accomplish it.

If you don’t feel confident in your podcast or ability to send it into the world, just reach out, show me you’ve done the work, and I will refund your investment. See full details here. Guarantee does not apply to membership option.

Still “thinking about it?"


You should give this course a 14-day, risk-free shot if you’re motivated by any of the following:


→ You know you have something to say but haven’t found the right medium yet.

→ You’ve tried other methods of content creation and found it difficult to keep them going. I get that because I also tried blogging, newsletters, and a bunch of other stuff.

Podcasting is the ultimate medium for people who have a perspective but haven’t found their voice yet.

Rodney Olsen

Bleeding Daylight Podcast

I honestly believe that following Eric’s suggestions through the Christian Podcasters’ Association will make your process simpler and more effective.

Neil Matthews

Other People's Shoes

I love the CPA Community! When I'm stuck or need some encouragement, I have friends that can lift me up.

Markus Watson

Spiritual Life & Leadership

I can bring my questions and ideas, get feedback, and brainstorm with others to keep improving my craft and grow my audience.

Hey friend!

I am so excited to take you through these next six weeks of creating your podcast.

When I started podcasting, it took me two years to launch my show. There were many reasons but mostly it was fear. I was afraid to not be perfect. I wondered if anyone would even listen. And I mostly created my podcast alone.

Even the people around me did not understand what I was creating or why. Podcasting just hadn’t broken through into the mainstream yet. Some of my early guests weren’t sure how I was going to use our interviews. It cracks me up now.

No one should have to create alone trying to cobble together information from many sources. That’s why I created this course to guide you through the process.

The world needs your voice. You are the only one who can share what the Kingdom of God means to your niche.

If you choose to accept the invitation, I will guarantee that the podcasting journey will change your life, the lives of those you serve, and do so much good.

I look forward to meeting and helping you fill the world's earbuds inside the course.

Keep the faith,