Anna Scheller

Anna is an award winning podcaster, Speaker and TV show host, as well the host of the #USABizParty Twitter Chat. She coaches entrepreneurs to develop strategies that result in more sales for their businesses, while creating profit for future growth. She began her business career as a real estate investor, and has learned many lessons as a result. She is currently the Executive Member and founder of Capri Temporary Housing, and still actively invests in real estate, albeit, with more experience! 

Anna hosts her own podcast, Sales Mastery which airs on ITunes and Roku TV. She is the author of Amazon best seller, Black Belt Selling, Closing with Confidence. Why Black Belt Selling? Anna just achieved her 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo. At the age of 58!

Anna is the mother of 7 children and is married to Phillip Scheller. They live in Del Rio, Texas.

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