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Jenn Uren of This Mom Knows

christian podcaster Apr 20, 2021


Jenn Uren is the creator of the brand new podcast, This Mom Knows. Today, Jenn shares how she honed her message for podcasting, the value of curiosity, and how she learned to make her deadlines. Jenn's show is encouraging moms and she is setting the example for audience building and service.

Listen to Jenn's story now!

Stories Jenn shared:

  • Creating a show to bring moms together
  • Enjoying photography
  • Overcoming her perfectionism as she was working on her podcast
  • Connecting with CPA to help her as she started
  • Growing her blog into a podcast
  • Honing her message as she began podcasting
  • The value of curiosity in podcasting and life in general
  • Learning how to add external deadlines for herself
  • Why she went with Podtastics for hosting
  • Creating mini-courses for moms

Great quotes from Jenn:

As I listened I learned that I have something to share as well.

Relationship is not me to other people exclusively; there is an element of me to me. By taking care of myself, I was not only...

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James Early of The Bible Speaks to You

christian podcaster Apr 06, 2021


James Early is the podcaster behind The Bible Speaks to You. Today,  James shares why he spent so much time on his first three episodes, unique ways he is responsive to his audience, and how his perspective has changed over his years of creating. James is a great example of learning the ropes as best you can while not being afraid to grow at the same time.

Listen to James' story now! 

Stories James shared:

  • The mission of getting back to the mindset of Jesus
  • Why he loves gardening
  • Getting started and why it took him two years
  • Why he's glad he put so much effort into his first episode
  • Launching with three episodes
  • Reaching people who want to take their faith to another level
  • Being responsive to his audience
  • The shift to being audience focused
  • Allowing others to shine through interviews
  • How his favorite episodes help

Great quotes from James:

I'm not afraid to tip over a few sacred cows now and then.

I need to know every detail so I know if I'm doing it...

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Meg Glesener and Clubhouse for Podcasters

christian podcaster Mar 30, 2021

Meg Glesener of the Letters from Home podcast and admin of Christian Podcasters Association got on Clubhouse right around Christmas 2020. She instantly fell in love with the platform seeing the huge opportunity it represents.

"Clubhouse is putting the social back in social media," Glesener heard someone say recently. And it's true. 

In this episode of the Christian Podcaster, you'll learn:

  • What is Clubhouse, anyway?
  • How to start your own club
  • Tips and tricks to moderating a killer room
  • Clubhouse etiquette
  • Unique clubhouse terms you'll need to know in order to hang with the cool kids
  • Why your show will benefit from getting on the platform
  • And more!

Listen to Meg share her experiences with Clubhouse now!

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5 Reasons to Join Christian Podcasters Association

cpa blog Mar 26, 2021

It’s easy to start a podcast – just hit record and start!

At least, that seems to be the standard advice you hear most places.

Ok, but what happens after you hit record? How do you launch your podcast? How do you find listeners? How do you sustain it once you get going?

Maybe it’s not as simple as hitting record. But how do you find answers to these questions so that once you do hit record you create something that attracts more listeners than just you and your mom. If this sounds familiar, know that you are not alone!

That’s exactly where I was in my podcasting journey. I knew that I wanted to start a podcast, but I wasn’t sure where to begin to find answers.

Over the years I had seen my friend, Eric Nevins, frequently post on social media about new episodes of his podcast, Halfway There. He had been doing it long enough that I figured he might have a tip or two for me, so I sent him a message and asked if could give me a hand and answer some...

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Tracy Winchell of The Reboots Podcast

christian podcaster Mar 23, 2021


Tracy Winchell is the podcaster behind the Reboots Podcast, an avid journaler, and former television reporter. Today, Tracy shares how she created the podcast she needed, how she overcame technological nerves, and why she wanted people to know that change is possible. Tracy's journey reminds us that podcasting is as much about personal development as it is audience development.

Listen to Tracy's story now!

Stories Tracy shared:

  • How conversations surprised her after she started podcasting
  • What has changed since her television reporter days
  • Why baseball is awesome and a community activity
  • Why she started Reboots Podcast
  • Getting nervous to produce a podcast even though she was broadcast professional
  • Why she wanted to tell people that change is possible
  • How community has helped her
  • What she's learned from interviewing people 
  • Why she is into ROAM

Great quotes from Tracy:

It's terrifying to key a microphone.

Change is possible. Hope exists.

Without community, I don't...

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How to Avoid Burnout When You Are a Creator

cpa blog Mar 19, 2021

No matter what industry you are part of there is a familiar foe waiting to reveal itself…burnout! The common denominator for burned out people is our own inability to take care of ourselves.

If you are actively podcasting then, I’m sure you pour your heart into it. We spend our precious time researching, talking, editing, and listening in the hopes of producing the best content we can for our audiences. That's as it should be!

Yet in the midst of refining your work, you can lose yourself if you're not careful. Your identity suddenly is found in your show. What makes a good day is based on how the show went or how many people listened to the latest episode. Before you know it, burnout causes you to lose sight of yourself and why you are doing the podcast in the first place.

So how do you avoid burnout?

Here is the strategy I use to help me stay refreshed:

Implement Personal Times


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Tim Winders of SeekGoCreate

christian podcaster Mar 16, 2021


Tim Winders is the host of SeekGoCreate where he seeks to redefine success. Today, Tim shares how he started with the "minimum viable podcast," why you should worry more about content than technology, and the surprising authority you can build as a podcaster. Tim's story reminds us that getting started with a commitment to iteration is a powerful thing.

Listen to Tim's story now!

Stories Tim shared:

  • Living in his RV with his wife while they travel
  • Being a reluctant podcaster
  • Recording his early episodes in the RV
  • Starting his show after resisting for some time
  • Creating a minimum viable podcast
  • Why you should worry more about your content than your technology
  • The people he is trying to reach
  • Getting clear on who you serve
  • Tim's favorite episodes of his show
  • The authority you can build as a podcaster

Great quotes from Tim:

We are creating content and we are hopeful that it encourages people.

Content is the business we are in.

Part of what we've had to purge the last...

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15 Christian Affiliate Programs for Your Podcast

cpa blog Mar 12, 2021

Monetizing your podcast is one of the most important steps to take your show to the next level. Affiliate programs are perhaps the easiest way to make some money from your audience. Unlike sponsors or ads, with affiliate programs you don’t need thousands of downloads per episode. It’s a win-win for the business and podcasters alike since you only get paid when you sell a product.

While Amazon’s affiliate program is an attractive option, you may feel more comfortable working with Christian companies.

You can use the following list to get started to find great companies and products to promote in your show, on your site and throughout your social media platforms.

Remember, the best way to sell affiliate products is to USE them and LOVE them.

1. Digital Missionary Academy - The Digital Missionary Academy is run by veteran Christian podcaster Travis Albritton. In this community, he teaches regular purpose-driven Christians to use social media to reach the world for...

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Michelle Rayburn and Life, Repurposed

christian podcaster Mar 09, 2021


Michelle Rayburn is the podcaster behind Life, Repurposed. Today, Michelle shares how her podcast grew from her blog, how to know your audience, and why you have to make a commitment to showing up for every episode. Michelle reminds us to be faithful to what the Lord called us to even when the numbers aren't what we'd hoped. The Lord still wants to use your content so keep going.

Listen to Michelle's story now!

Stories Michelle shared:

  • How her decorating blog turned into a larger ministry
  • Living in Wisconsin and gradually moving North
  • Starting her podcast as a way for people to experience her content while they are doing other things
  • Switching from video to audio only
  • The specific way she defined her audience
  • How she got to know her audience
  • How she chooses guests for her show
  • Michelle's favorite episode of her show
  • Why you have to make a commitment to show up
  • Looking at next steps and praying for what God wants

Great quotes from Michelle:

I discovered [when doing...

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The Podcast Overcomers by Moni Hardy

cpa blog Mar 05, 2021

By Moni Hardy. 

“I wonder where I left my pen.”

“Children, where is Mama’s pen? You know I need it to write down my ideas for the project.”

“It’s right where you left it mom, on your desk.”

“Oh, so it is. Carry on.”

Depending on your Meyers Briggs Personality Initials, you may be thinking, “if he were more organized there would not be wasted time looking for a pen.” Or perhaps on the other end of the spectrum of initials, a comment like, “I so get the creative messy mind that misplaces a pen.”

Why would I want to create anything?

The reason varies from person to person, and our reason may change over time. Perhaps lack of funds encourages us to improve our at home Covid skills such as hair cutting, bread making, painting, sewing, writing or podcasting. Thankfully hair grows back.

To take this out of the realm of the hypothetical, I will share some of my own reasons for creating content. The...

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