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May I introduce you to...

Mar 04, 2024

There's one more thing we need to talk about when it comes to podcast guesting: making introductions.

If you asked me about networking and being a connector before I started podcasting, you would have been disappointed in my answer. I just didn't think much of it.

But after I started podcasting, the power of connecting others for mutual benefit became my jam.

As a Bible believer, it makes sense, though. Think of the many famous "one another" passages and the way that the Body of Christ is to care for and nurture itself. From our gifts—in this case our network—we serve those around us.

A powerful way of serving another podcaster is to send them a great guest when you have them. We already covered how to send a pitch for yourself. But how do you make an introduction?

Fortunately, I learned a method from David Burkus in his book Friend of a Friend (Amazon affiliate link), which helped me significantly.

You should read the book for the finer points but here are some highlights.

First, whenever you make an introduction, make sure you have permission of all parties. Nothing is worse than getting an introduction out of the blue when you're already too busy. Asking permission ensures that everyone is on board.

Second, when you send an introduction email, include:

  • Opening paragraph/greeting - explain that you thought the parties could benefit one another
  • A short paragraph addressed to each person - explain to them who the other person is and why that may interest them
  • Ask the person who asked for the introduction to do the follow up. This ensures the ball doesn't get dropped.
  • A simple close excited for the possibilities.

I've used this process to network and connect hundreds of podcasters and podcast guests to one another. It works like a charm and has this funny effect. Once people know that you are a connector, they often connect you to someone they know. And so your network grows.

If you're interested in podcast guesting, making introductions of other great guests to podcasts hosts can endear you to them and make it more likely that you can secure a spot or another introduction to your next interview. Serve, and it eventually comes back around.

As always, you must take action on this in order to cement the practice in your mind. So here's my challenge to you:

Write one connection email this weekend. Just one. Think about who in your network doesn't know one another but should. Get permission, send that email, and see what happens.

Then, shoot me a reply and let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Keep the faith,



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