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Podcast Guesting in 4 Easy Steps

Mar 04, 2024

Over the last few weeks, we've been talking about podcast guesting. I told you why guesting is a powerful opportunity, where to find shows, how to pitch them, and even how to make yourself useful by making introductions.

But how do we bring all that together?

Allow me to introduce the Podcast Guesting in 4 Easy Steps Worksheet (PGW for short).

PGW is a free tool you can use to track your guesting progress from beginning to end. No more wondering if you've already contacted a show, what you might be able to bring, or how you should make the approach. PGW will help you track the value you're bringing to the shows you appear on.

Here's how it works:

PGW is a simple Google sheet with spaces to fill in while you're doing research. It starts with your value, moves to finding shows, tracks bookings (with some pro tips) and finishes with tracking your sharing of the episode (and some pro tips!).

Below is an explanation of how each sheet works and what to fill in.

Step 1: Document Your Value

This is all about knowing what you bring to a podcast audience. Brainstorm topics in the grid that you can talk about with ease. Ask yourself these questions: What do I know better than anyone else? What can I not stop talking about? What do people come to me for? Add adjacent topics to it as well.

Then, take each topic that you wrote down and look at it from different angles. Think about stories, ideas, principles, lessons, that apply to the topic. Keep it all handy and add or subtract as appropriate.

The idea here is to know exactly what value you bring to an audience when you're searching for matching shows. Looking at many facets of your value opens the doors to many more show matches and opportunities.

Step 2: Research & Pitch

Here, you simply track all the shows that you are researching. Record the information of the podcast, the date you pitched them, and more.

Step 3: Bookings

Fairly self-explanatory, keep track of the shows that say yes to you and when you make the appearance. There is space for the Zoom (or other service) link so that you don't have to go hunting for an email or bring up your calendar. Everything is right here.

Step 4: Share

Track your sharing to make sure you are bringing the highest value to the podcaster who hosted you.

I admit, it's a simple spreadsheet. The simplest tools are sometimes the most useful (looking at you hammer).

When you access the spreadsheet, be sure to make a copy for your own Google drive. Go to File>Make A Copy. It's as simple as that.

Access the Podcast Guesting in 4 Easy Steps Worksheet here.

What did I miss about podcast guesting? Hit reply and ask me any question you'd like.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Keep the faith,



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