Just a guy with a podcast and a desire to serve.

Every podcaster has a story. We're all interested in different genres and niches but we have two things in common: we love Jesus and we started a show. Whether you are ready to launch your own podcast, want to grow your reach, or are exploring monetization strategies, CPA can help you reach your goals.


I'm Eric Nevins, founder of Christian Podcasters Association

I've been podcasting since 2016 on a show called Halfway There about the Christian spiritual journey. I won't lie to you. Getting the confidence to release that first batch of interviews took a lot of courage. But I hired a coach who helped me get over the hump and get started.

Then, in 2017, I was lonely.

Someone said they would love to see a group of Christian podcasters so I started one and it became Christian Podcasters Association (CPA for short but we're way cooler than your accountant).

It truly amazes me how powerful new media is for sharing the Good news to people interested in all kinds of niches. That's why our goal is to empower as many Christian podcasters like you as we can!

Now I use my time to help Christian podcasters start and grow their podcasts so they can find their authentic voice to share God's love for the world.

Spiritual Growth

Podcasting is as much about your personal growth as audience growth. We know content creation takes both.


We teach you how to serve your audience in powerful ways that resonate with them and your own heart.

Worldwide Influence

Podcasting can take the Gospel to your niche across the globe. What an opportunity!

Your Podcast & the Gospel

At CPA, we believe that your podcast is an essential part of spreading the Kingdom of God to the world in the next century and beyond. You are uniquely positioned to speak Christ into your chosen niche whether it's leadership, trauma recovery, or quilting. That's why we offer communities, products, and services that empower you to become the best podcaster you can possibly be. Whether you're a ministry looking for new ways to serve, a hobbyist with something to say, or a business owner ready to ignite sales, we are here to help you.

"CPA offers valuable insights and practical tips that has helped us be more successful podcasters."

 - Amanda Turnbull

"I would not be where I am today without the friendship and wisdom of Eric Nevins."

- Sean McCoy

"I've met so many great people who became friends, and helped me become a better podcaster."

- Markus Watson

Now is the time.


Everyone has a podcast these days, right? Nope.

It seems that way because celebrities have started shows, including Christian celebrities. But the majority of podcasts in the Christian category are sermons. While that's valuable in its own way, we believe there is so much room for Christian podcasts that connect with audiences in more relational ways.

Podcasting is great at starting conversations. And conversations are where discipleship happens best. You can start a podcast, be faithful with it's production, and help fulfill the Great Commission. There's never been a better time to get started, do the work, and see what the Lord does.


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