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Chris Staron of the Truce Podcast

christian podcaster Sep 17, 2020


Chris Staron is an author, former filmmaker, and award winning podcaster. Today, Chris shares with us about how he found his voice, why people struggling with faith should hear his show, and how his format has evolved over time. Chris is one of my favorite Christian podcasters and I just know you will enjoy him and Truce podcast.

Listen to Chris's story, now!

Stories Chris shared:

  • Why he likes improv comedy
  • How he tries to talk about difficult issues in a fun way
  • How he found his voice when podcasting
  • Why he listened to a lot of podcasts before launching his own show
  • The level of research he puts into each episode
  • The places he's lived that have influenced him
  • Why people struggling with their faith should listen to Truce
  • How his goal for Truce has evolved over time
  • What he learned about himself recording in a silver mine
  • Why he is a big fan of editing
  • How making films prepared him for podcasting
  • What he looks for when creating an episode of Truce

Great quotes from...

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J. Parker of Sex Chat for Christian Wives

christian podcaster Sep 17, 2020

J. Parker is a blogger and podcaster on Sex Chat for Christian Wives with three other women who are also Christian sex bloggers. She is passionate about helping Christian wives create a biblical understanding of sex and marriage. Today, J. shares the unique challenges and opportunities having three other bloggers to share the work with, how to pick a great title for your show, and matching your format to your content.

Listen to J.'s podcasting journey now!

Stories J. shared:

  • How she got into podcasting
  • Deciding on a unique format for their show
  • Struggling with audio quality
  • What happens when things go wrong
  • The time the recording kept going and they published three hours of private conversations
  • Learning to be more authentic with calls to action
  • What to do with reviews
  • How to pick a great title for your podcast
  • The agreement critical to the partnership
  • The importance of clarity
  • The change in perspective her team wanted to make for Christian wives regarding sex
  • Her favorite...
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Neil Matthews of Other People's Shoes

christian podcaster Sep 07, 2020



Neil Matthews is the host and creator of Other People's Shoes, a podcast designed to help us see the perspective of...what else...other people. Neil has a passion for helping you gain a glimpse into a life that is different than yours. He helps you see the similarities and the differences that make us human.

Other People's Shoes is published every Wednesday and you can get it wherever you get get your podcasts.

Stories Neil shared:

  • Using a Zoom H4N Pro he sold his guitar to purchase
  • How his wife encouraged him to start a podcast
  • Learning to get over his own voice
  • Why he chose a show about perspective
  • Neil's favorite episodes of his show
  • How cool it is when an episode serendipitously meets current events
  • Learning not to procrastinate
  • Following curiosity for podcast interviews
  • What to do when a question stumps a guest
  • The next season of his show, What Happens When

Great quotes from Neil:

I had a mic and a cord and just started recording.

I didn't know about...

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Join CPA Gold Level to Grow Your Mission

Uncategorized Aug 07, 2020

Are you tired of seeing other podcasts thrive while yours seems to stagnate? Have you done everything you can think of but are still disappointed on release day? Do you wish your audience would grow so your mission can reach more people who need to hear it?

That was the situation I found myself in early in my podcasting journey. It took me two years to actually launch my podcast. I first had the idea for Halfway There in 2014. At Christmas that day I bought a digital recorder and through the spring of 2015 I did 13 interviews.

Seems like I should have launched in 2015, right? Sadly, no.

It took me an entire year to figure out who I was speaking to and master the technology. Let’s be honest, when you name your podcast, you want to like it for a long time! It took forever to come up with Halfway There!

I did all that work and then launched on June 6, 2016 and the clock started ticking. Episodes were releasing like clockwork and my number of prepared episodes was dwindling. What...

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