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Markus Watson of Spiritual Life and Leadership

christian podcaster Mar 02, 2021


Markus is the host of Spiritual Life and Leadership. He's a pastor and wanted a way to help Christian leaders lead from a healthy inner life. Today, Markus shares how he overcame imposter syndrome, the clarity of his message and audience, and how it feels when you finally book that popular guest.

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Stories Markus shared:

  • The problem he saw that needed solving
  • Why he chose the podcast name that he did
  • Being a fan of Star Wars
  • Starting in 2018 whether people liked it or not
  • Why he didn't get spiritual formation until later in life
  • Getting over the idea of being a podcaster
  • Buying Podcasting for Dummies
  • The clarity of his audience and mission
  • Learning from others on his show
  • Booking great guests and how that makes him feel
  • Getting books from publishers
  • How podcasting connects you to others

Great quotes from Markus:

I started with less than 10 listeners for months. Then it doubled. Then it doubled again.

Nobody else is going to help you...

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Ruthie Gray of Instagram Insider Hacks

christian podcaster Dec 11, 2020


Ruthie Gray is a blogger and host of the Instagram Insider Hacks podcast where she makes Instagram "so easy your mom can do it." Today, Ruthie shares how she overcame understanding all the technology, why you need to share your life on Instagram, and the episode that proves a little work can pay off big. Ruthie says you just need to get started—both podcasting and Instagram—or you will never improve.

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Stories Ruthie shared:

  • Why she is passionate about helping moms
  • Overcoming the obstacle of technology
  • How her podcasts help moms pursuing a vision
  • Why you need to share yourself on social media
  • Making Instagram accessible to moms so they can get their message out
  • The episode that proves how powerful Instagram is
  • Why she doesn't take a ton of time with show notes
  • Why you should just get started

Great quotes from Ruthie:

I don't need to work for five hours on show notes because no one will read them anyway.

You can always...

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Jerry Dugan of Beyond the Rut

christian podcaster Nov 06, 2020


Jerry Dugan is one half of the team behind Beyond the Rut. Today, Jerry shares how podcasting has changed in the eight years he's been doing it, how specific to get on your audience, and the value of networking. Jerry is committed to always improving and his podcast helps men do just that. 

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Stories Jerry shared:

  • Meeting up at Podcast Movement and networking
  • How guesting on other shows grows yours
  • Living apart from his family during a pandemic
  • How podcasting has changed since he started 8 years ago
  • The growth of the industry in awareness
  • Getting started with others and overcoming objections
  • His ideal audience (listen to this specificity!)
  • The five areas he wants to influence men to improve
  • Choosing not to be in the Christian category
  • How one great guest connected them to multiple others
  • The guests that impressed him
  • The goals he has for next year

Great quotes from Jerry:

Christ isn't meant to be kept inside this bottle.


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Jennifer Eikenhorst of Accidental Hope

christian podcaster Oct 30, 2020

 Jennifer Eikenhorst is the host of Accidental Hope. She is a mom of four, wife, and a middle school math teacher. Her story changed when she caused an accident that killed someone. Today, Jennifer shares how her podcast gave her a place to share her story, help people like her, and create good out of a tragic situation. Jennifer's podcasting journey reminds us that we can do big things even when we are scared.

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Stories Jennifer shared:

  • Her crazy house including a quarantine puppy
  • Loving dance fitness
  • Getting on bikes with the family
  • Starting her podcast in 2018
  • Tools she didn't know she had that helps with podcasting
  • The tragic car accident that changed her life
  • The pushback she expected when she started her podcast
  • Wrestling with Imposter's Syndrome
  • Reaching for guests she thought would never say yes
  • Her favorite guests on the show
  • Opening up on mental health in the church
  • Starting scared and the joy as a result
  • Starting a YouTube...
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Three Monetization Tips for New Podcasters

monetization Oct 27, 2020

This post is by Michael Woodward of JumbleThink. I asked him for his best advice for monetization strategies for new podcasters.

Monetizing your podcast is one of the best ways to make it sustainable. 

But how do you effectively monetize your show? 

While I wished I could give you all the best tricks for making money with your show, I can only tell you what I’ve learned from my own experiences. 

Here are a few tips from my own personal experience:

Tip One: Ads aren’t the only way to monetize your show. 

Many of us see ads as the best option to make money from our shows.  Often this technique is just low hanging fruit.  It’s also one of the hardest ways to monetize your show. 

Why’s that, you ask? 

To really make money from ads you need an audience. Most new podcasters do not have an audience, especially a large enough audience to make a bank from ads.

(Little known secret about ads: The more narrow...

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Seth Price of Can I Say This at Church?

christian podcaster Oct 23, 2020


Seth Price is the host of Can I Say This at Church?, a podcast about asking the hard questions. Today, Seth shares how he came up with his name, how he gets great guests, and why he has to be interested in every single episode. Seth is an accomplished podcaster who creates space for questions and pondering. It's a great use of the podcast medium and I know you will be inspired to create the space you need, too.

Listen to Seth's podcasting story today!

Stories Seth shared:

  • How he came up with the name for his show
  • How he gets great guests
  • Guessing at email addresses for guests
  • Getting better at conversations as a result of podcasting
  • How to get people to talk more
  • Learning to follow his curiosity in interviews
  • Monetizing through Patreon
  • How to do things he's interested in
  • His goal for every episode
  • How to write a book from your podcast
  • Making change in communities with his show
  • What's next for his show

Great quotes from Seth:

I don't care if people think I'm...

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Amber Cullum of Grace Enough Podcast

christian podcaster Oct 09, 2020


Amber Cullum is a mom to three and the podcaster behind Grace Enough podcast. Today, Amber shares how she made the choice to start a podcast, why her favorite episodes are vulnerable, and the joy of book that great guest. Amber's story reminds us that we all start somewhere and grow from there.

Listen to Amber's story now!

Stories Amber shared:

  • Growing up in Kentucky and how she ended up in North Carolina
  • Her passion for connecting women around faith
  • Enjoying photography and the Bible
  • Teaching her kids how to engage culture
  • Making the choice to get started
  • Why getting behind a mic was uncomfortable
  • Starting her podcast for herself
  • What she wanted to show about God's work in the world
  • What her favorite episodes have in common (hint: vulnerability)
  • Learning to not shy away from difficult questions
  • How she sees God work through her podcasts
  • Why nailing your mission is her best advice for new podcasters
  • Why you should commit to your podcast for a year
  • The joy of booking a...
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Eric Nevins of Halfway There

christian podcaster Oct 06, 2020


Eric Nevins is the host of Halfway There, a podcast focused on the Christian spiritual journey. He also founded Christian Podcasters Association in 2017 to bring Christian podcasters together. Today, Eric shares about learning about supernatural experiences with God, how podcasting helped him find his mission, and why short introductions are better than long ones. Eric reminds us that this podcasting is about personal development not audience development.

Listen to Eric's story now!

Stories Eric shared:

  • Living in Denver with his wife, four kids, and a wonder dog
  • Starting Halfway There to talk about the spiritual journey
  • Learning that stories are more comfortable than teaching
  • Believing in the supernatural
  • The time Eric discouraged his wife 
  • How disciplines serve the goal of formation in Christ
  • How Halfway There has changed
  • Why short introductions are better than long ones
  • Why you should just start now
  • The value of iteration in podcasting (and life)
  • How he...
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Michael Woodward of JumbleThink

christian podcaster Sep 25, 2020


Michael Woodward is the host of JumbleThink, a podcast about the story of ideas. He aims high for his guest and never fails to disappoint. Today, he shares the challenge he gives himself in podcasting, how to get good feedback for your podcast, and why you should never swap reviews. Michael is a world class podcaster and I know you're going to love this conversation!

Listen to Michael's story now!

Stories Michael shared:

  • Why he's so passionate about helping people find their passion
  • Why he loves people who develop their craft
  • Whey playing it safe is not actually safe
  • His bucket list of 421 items
  • Why you should live with passion
  • Why every job has some element of creativity
  • Putting out multiple episodes per week
  • The struggle of making due with what he has
  • The change he wants his podcast to make in the world
  • Why it's hard to get feedback from your podcast
  • How to get really good feedback on your show
  • Why not to swap reviews
  • Don't be hard on yourself as you grow
  • Finding more...
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Meg Glesener of Letters from Home

christian podcaster Sep 17, 2020

Meg Glesener is a mom of eight and the host of the Letters From Home podcast. Today, Meg shares how she discovered podcasting, overcoming the technology hurdles, and why podcasting is the ministry God has for her. Her story reminds us that being faithful is just as important as being great! Get moving and God will do the rest.

Listen to Meg's story, now!

Stories Meg shared:

  • How she found the name for her podcast
  • Discovering podcasting and how it inspired her
  • Figuring out the podcasting technology 
  • How her family helps with the podcast
  • The value of knowing your why for podcasting
  • How her show gives your faith a boost
  • Meg's favorite episodes of her show
  • Growing in confidence that God is with her
  • Learning to honor God through sharing stories
  • How podcasting has changed her
  • Her best advice for new podcasters

Great quotes from Meg:

These are stories that inspire me. I thought, "If they inspire me, maybe they will inspire someone else."

I feel the privilege of it every time I...

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