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Publishing, Publicity, and Podcasting with Krista Clayton and Robin Barnett

Oct 10, 2023

Happy International Podcast Day, my friends!

Well, it was on September 30th and this is the audio of how we celebrated with a conversation about publishing, publicity, and podcasting with TWO special guests. Joining us are Krista Clayton of InterVarsity Press and Robin Barnett of ICON Media Group.

In this conversation, we will explore how the publishing and publicity industry has changed in the last decade, what role podcasters play in it now, and how you can work with them to get the guests you want.

If you’re looking for high quality guests for your show (and maybe some free books!), this conversation is for you!

Meet our Guests

Krista Clayton has over 25 years of experience in the publishing industry, with a focus on publicity and media outreach. As the head of the publicity team at IVP, Krista works closely with authors, broadcasters, and podcasters to schedule interviews and promote their books. Her dedication to building strong relationships with media professionals has made her a trusted and reliable resource in the industry. Krista's expertise and passion for connecting people and ideas have helped her successfully launch numerous books and foster meaningful collaborations. With her experience and extensive network, Krista brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the world of podcasting and publicity.

Robin Barnett is a seasoned media pro with over 15 years of experience in the publishing industry. As the Vice President of Public Relations at Icon Media Group, Robin has played a crucial role in launching more than 15 New York Times bestsellers. Her expertise lies in connecting authors with various media platforms, including national morning shows, radio, and online outlets. Robin's dedication to her craft and her ability to secure high-profile interviews have made her a sought-after publicist in the industry. With her strong relationships with media professionals and her knack for identifying the right opportunities for authors, Robin has been instrumental in helping authors gain widespread exposure and reach their target audience. Her passion for storytelling and her commitment to promoting exceptional books make her an invaluable asset to podcasters and publicists alike.

Quotes from the episode:

One of the best ways to connect with people you admire and respect is through podcasting. It allows you to work with publicists and bring on guests who can bring value to your podcast. - Krista Clayton

Building relationships is key in the world of publicity. It's about connecting with people, establishing trust, and creating opportunities for collaboration. - Robin Barnett

Podcasting has opened up a world of possibilities. You can reach a global audience, connect with experts in your field, and make a meaningful impact through the power of conversation. - Krista Clayton

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Enhance your book publicity efforts by building strong relationships with podcasters.

  • Stay relevant and effective as a publicist in the digital age by adapting to new strategies and platforms.

  • Maximize the impact of your book launch and publicity campaign through the power of podcasting.

  • Discover effective strategies for connecting with authors and publicists to secure engaging podcast interviews.

  • Unlock the value of thorough preparation and continuous learning for successful podcasting and book promotion.

Timestamped summary of this episode:

00:00:00 - Importance of Podcast Strategy,
Launching a book without a podcast strategy is no longer effective. Podcasts are crucial for promoting books and connecting with audiences.

00:02:06 - The Power of Podcasting,
Podcasting has the ability to connect people and open up new opportunities. It allows podcasters to interview and collaborate with individuals they admire and respect.

00:06:39 - Roles of Publicists,
Publicists play a crucial role in scheduling interviews, writing press kits, and strategizing book promotions. They work closely with authors, broadcasters, and podcasters to establish connections and promote their work.

00:08:05 - Differentiating Publisher Publicists and Media Groups,
Publisher publicists work within a publishing company, overseeing publicity efforts for their authors. Media groups, like Icon Media Group, focus on securing media coverage for authors and work with various types of media outlets.

00:09:50 - The Importance of Relationships,
Building and maintaining relationships is key in the publicist's work. Strong relationships with authors, media personnel, and podcasters facilitate successful promotions and collaborations. Relationships are the foundation of their work and personal lives.

00:14:12 - The Influence of Viewers and Algorithms,
The conversation begins with a discussion about how viewers have become more discriminating due to algorithms. Viewers now have the ability to curate the content they consume, making it necessary for creators to be specific and niche in order to capture their attention.

00:14:52 - Changes in Publishing Industry,
Krista reflects on how publishing has changed over the years, with social media playing a significant role. The rise of social media platforms and the shift in how people consume content has impacted the way authors are positioned and promoted. The importance of building a platform and the emergence of podcasts as a powerful medium are also highlighted.

00:18:15 - The Power of Podcasting,
The hosts discuss the growth and significance of podcasting as part of an author's publicity strategy. They emphasize the importance of having a podcast strategy and knowing what to say during interviews to keep listeners engaged and interested in the book being promoted. Mentioning the book throughout the conversation is essential to effective promotion.

00:20:46 - Podcasting as a Publicity Strategy,
Robin emphasizes that launching a book without a podcast strategy is no longer viable. Whether it's a new or established author, podcasts are a crucial tool for raising awareness and connecting with a targeted audience. Thoughtful preparation for podcast interviews is necessary to ensure the conversation leaves a lasting impact.

00:23:56 - Niche Topics and Podcasts,
Krista discusses how podcasting aligns well with Intervarsity

00:27:50 - The Long Tail Effect in Podcasting,
The long tail effect in podcasting is often underappreciated. Podcast downloads can continue for a long time, even for older episodes. This can result in consistent downloads each month, showcasing the lasting value of podcast episodes.

00:28:09 - The Value of Booking Authors on Podcasts,
Booking authors on podcasts not only provides access to their audience but also allows for a diverse range of topics and interesting guests. Both established and up-and-coming authors have valuable messages to share, making the podcasting landscape a vast sea of possibilities.

00:29:11 - Criteria for Pitching Shows,
When pitching shows, it is important to focus on specific topics and ensure the quality of the podcast. Building good chemistry between the host and the guest is crucial for a successful conversation. While some authors prioritize reach and numbers, others seek quality matches for their work.

00:30:17 - Reaching Out to Publicists,
To reach out to publicists, one can visit their Instagram pages to get an idea of the authors they are representing. Alternatively, sending an email to the PR firm or directly to the publicist expressing interest in collaboration is another effective way to initiate contact.

00:31:45 - Metrics for Evaluating Podcasts,
When evaluating podcasts, publicists look at various metrics, including iTunes reviews, Instagram followings, and past guests. These metrics help determine whether a podcast is worth a client's time and whether it will reach

00:41:52 - Scheduling with Clients,
The hosts ask the guests how they schedule interviews with clients. They discuss using calendly and various methods depending on the client's preferences.

00:43:13 - Guest Preparation,
The hosts emphasize the importance of providing guests with a preparation document that includes details about the interview format, duration, and any other relevant information to make the process easier for them.

00:45:00 - Effective Communication,
The hosts discuss the importance of ongoing communication and coordination between the publicist, host, and guest for a smooth interview process. They highlight the need for clear instructions and information sharing.

00:46:37 - Video Interviews,
The hosts talk about the growing trend of video interviews and the need to inform guests if the interview will be recorded and released in video format. They recognize the difference in preparation and presentation for video interviews.

00:49:47 - Introducing Podcasters,
The hosts discuss the value of introductions to other podcasters and how it helps expand their network and discover new shows to work with. They encourage podcasters to make introductions for each other to build relationships and create opportunities.

00:54:57 - Introduction and Importance of Book Marketing,
The hosts introduce the topic of book marketing and emphasize the importance of promoting books through podcast interviews. They discuss the process of working with authors and provide resources for podcasters to connect with publishers and publicists for potential interviews.

00:55:18 - Joining Christian Podcasters Association,
The hosts encourage podcasters to join the Christian Podcasters Association (CPA) Facebook Group for support and guidance. They highlight the benefits of being part of CPA and mention the options of joining CPA Gold or engaging in coaching sessions for personalized assistance.

00:55:51 - Appreciation for the Guests,
The hosts express their appreciation for the guests, Krista Clayton and Robin Barnett, and acknowledge the challenges of their work. They commend the guests for their dedication and commitment to publishing and promoting books.

00:56:13 - Contact Information for the Guests,
Robin shares her contact information, including her email address and the Instagram account of Icon Media Group. Krista also provides her email address and offers to share additional information upon receiving an email inquiry.

01:00:10 - Comparison between Book Launches and Podcast Interviews,
The hosts discuss the differences between book launches and podcast interviews in terms of marketing and tracking their impact on book sales. While book launches offer more guarantees and trackability, podcast interviews rely on building connections and hoping for positive responses from listeners.

01:08:36 - The Value of Knowledge and Expertise,
The host discusses the importance of gaining knowledge and expertise by perusing books before interviews. They express their appreciation for the vast amount of knowledge available and the opportunity to learn from experts.

01:09:10 - Gratitude for the Guests,
The host expresses deep gratitude to Krista Clayton and Robin Barnett for spending their Saturday with them on the podcast. They acknowledge that it is their job but still appreciate their time and contribution.

01:09:25 - International Podcast Day,
The host reminds listeners that it is International Podcast Day and encourages them to elevate their guesting game. They suggest reaching out to publishers, including Krista and Robin, to request books, do giveaways, and invite authors to enhance their podcast content.

01:09:25 - Call to Action,
The host urges listeners to take action by reaching out to publishers, requesting books, and engaging with authors. They emphasize the benefits of collaborating with publishers and authors to enhance podcast episodes and invite listeners to join them on the next episode of the Christian podcasters.

none - Conclusion,
The host concludes the podcast episode by thanking the audience for their presence and expressing gratitude for their support. They bid farewell and look forward to the next episode.


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