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When & How to Hire Help for Your Podcast with Jennifer Uren and Kelly VanHoveln

Oct 03, 2023


Do you want to maximize your productivity and efficiency as a podcaster?

Are you tired of getting bogged down by time-consuming tasks that take away from your creative energy?

Join us as we reveal the ultimate solution to help you achieve the podcasting success you desire. Our guest experts, Jenn Uren and Kelly VanHoveln, will share their invaluable insights on how virtual assistants can revolutionize your podcasting journey, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – creating engaging content and growing your audience. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a streamlined workflow that brings you the results you've been dreaming of.

Learn about the Podcast VA Association
The Podcast VA Association serves as a rich resource hub, providing access to a meticulously curated directory of trained and certified VAs, according to Kelly VanHoveln. Through this platform, podcasters can find a VA that aligns perfectly with their specific needs and demands. The association champions a community-driven approach, offering invaluable collective wisdom and experience that podcasters can tap into for their success journey.

Quotes from the episode:

Sometimes we have to let go of certain tasks and delegate them to others in order to focus on the things that truly bring us joy and fulfillment. - Jenn Uren

By seeking help and outsourcing certain podcasting tasks, we can create space for growth and development, both personally and professionally. - Kelly VanHoveln

Don't let the fear of losing control hold you back from exploring new opportunities and expanding your podcast's reach. - Jenn Uren

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Delve into the hurdles in the podcast industry, offering insight into the necessity for virtual assistance.

  • Understand the perks of outsourcing podcast responsibilities, depicting a route towards uncomplicated podcasting.

  • Get an introduction to the Podcast VA Association and its role, emphasizing the need to engage with trustworthy virtual assistants.

  • Grasp how task simplification can lead to a more effective podcast business, suggesting improved revenue and higher efficiency.

  • Note the flags that signal the need for external help, accentuating the value and importance of task division to virtual assistants.

Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:00 - Introduction,
Eric Nevins introduces the episode and welcomes guests Jenn Uren and Kelly VanHoveln to discuss the challenges of podcasting and the need for help in managing the various tasks involved.

00:07:06 - Importance of Time Management in Podcasting,
Eric asks the guests how long it takes them to complete their podcast episodes. They discuss the time-consuming nature of podcasting and the need for efficient time management.

00:08:49 - Introducing Jenn and Kelly's Podcasting Journey,
Jenn and Kelly share their personal experiences with podcasting and how they realized they needed help with the various tasks involved in producing and managing a podcast.

00:09:49 - The Birth of Podcast VA Association,
The guests explain how the idea for the Podcast VA Association came about from their own experiences and the need they saw for a community and resources to help podcasters find virtual assistants for podcast-related tasks.

00:11:22 - When Fun Turns Into Dread,
The guests discuss the tipping point when podcasting becomes overwhelming and the joy of creating is replaced with stress. This realization leads to seeking help and finding a solution to manage podcasting tasks effectively.

00:11:56 - Benefits of Working with a Podcast VA,
Jenn and Kelly highlight the benefits of working with a podcast virtual assistant, such as saving time, maintaining consistency, and being able to focus on the creative aspects of podcasting.

00:13:34 - Signs that it's Time to Get Help with Your Podcast,
Signs that it's time to get help with your podcast include when it stops being fun and feels like a burden, when you struggle to release episodes on time, and when you feel that someone else could do certain tasks more efficiently than you. Avoid pod fade and seek help when needed.

00:15:27 - The Importance of Identifying Your Zone of Genius,
It's important to recognize your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to podcasting. Identify the parts of podcasting that you enjoy, such as the creative aspects, and consider delegating tasks that you dread or are not skilled at. Find a balance between maintaining creative control and letting others assist with certain aspects.

00:18:11 - Transitioning from Production Mode to Growth Mode,
After becoming familiar with the production process of your podcast, it's important to transition into growth mode. This involves allocating time to focus on tasks that promote the growth of your show, such as social media strategies or securing guest interviews. Hiring a VA with expertise in these areas can support your show's growth.

00:22:04 - The Value of a Trained and Certified VA,
Hiring a trained and certified VA offers numerous benefits, including customized support for your specific show, the ability to minimize risk and streamline the training process, and the opportunity to regain time and energy for bigger projects. The value goes beyond monetary investment and extends to the overall growth and impact of your podcast.

00:28:27 - The importance of reframing mindset,
The guests discuss the importance of reframing mindset when considering hiring a virtual assistant (VA). They emphasize the need to ask questions like "Can I afford not to?" to shift perspective and explore the benefits of hiring a VA.

00:29:22 - Micromanaging vs. lack of guidance,
The guests highlight two common mistakes in working with VAs. The first is micromanaging and not giving the VA the freedom to work in their own way. The second mistake is hiring a VA without providing proper training and guidance, expecting them to know what to do without clear instructions.

00:31:35 - Best practices for working with a VA,
The guests recommend starting with a trial period to ensure a good fit. They also emphasize the importance of having a contract to outline expectations and compensation. Clear communication, deadlines, and a reliable workflow tool like ClickUp are essential for successful collaboration.

00:33:21 - Importance of deadlines and consequences,
The guests stress the significance of setting clear deadlines and respecting each other's time. They advise podcasters to hold themselves accountable for meeting deadlines and appreciate the consequences for not doing so. This fosters a productive and efficient working relationship with VAs.

00:36:43 - Building a podcasting community,
The guests encourage podcasters to view podcasting as a team effort rather than a solo endeavor. They highlight the benefits of growing together and supporting each other within the podcasting community, as success for one

00:42:52 - Introduction,
The host introduces the guests, Jenn Uren and Kelly VanHoveln, and expresses curiosity about their thoughts on a topic.

00:43:09 - Compliments to Kelly's Unique Style of Posting,
The host praises Kelly's unique style of posting on social media and asks her about how she developed her process of tapping into people's emotions without being manipulative.

00:44:00 - Content Creation Strategy,
Kelly explains her content creation strategy, which involves identifying the overarching problems her clients or customers are dealing with and getting specific about how these problems show up in their lives. She emphasizes the importance of addressing these struggles directly in her content and highlighting how her services can help.

00:46:03 - Overcoming the Fear of Investing in a VA,
Kelly suggests saving 90 days of funds to pay for a VA and figuring out how to use the extra time they will provide. She recommends entering into a 90-day contract and assessing the impact after that period. She encourages starting with a clear, small step to overcome the fear of investing in a VA.

00:48:54 - Taking Action and Building Momentum,
Kelly advises giving it a try by saving up money and taking small steps without a long-term commitment. She emphasizes the benefits of setting aside funds and experiencing the freed-up time to build momentum and confidence in hiring a VA.


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