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Christian Creators and Social Media with Chris Martin

Aug 08, 2023

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When it comes to social media, there's only one relationship status that makes sense: it's complicated.

As Christian creators, we are always looking for effective ways to get our message out. Any other posture is dereliction of duty. But when you see harmful, manipulative, and damaging tactics used by some to sell online, you can easily become discouraged.

How should Christian creators like you and me interact with social media?

Our guest this week is Chris Martin is the author of Terms of Service, about the costs of social media. He also has a new book, The Wolf in Their Pockets: 13 Ways the Social Internet Threatens the People You Lead, and will share with us about it, as well.

If you've ever wondered how to be a Christian creator and engage on social media, do not miss this session!


Our guest Chris Sanders, he is an editor at Moody Publishers and a Social Media Marketing and Communications Consultant. He regularly writes his stuff in the Substack Newsletter. He’s written the book Terms of Service, and he has a new book coming out called The Wolf in their Pockets:  13 Ways the Social Internet Threatens the People You Lead, which is very clever and provocative. 

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  • Working in social media and online content
  • The difference between technology and social media
  • How social media has changed our relationship with God
  • The problem with passive ignorance on social media
  • how can a Christian with a message engage in social media
  • How social media can shape us
  • Never feel bad about promoting your own stuff
  • The positives of social media engagement and community
  • Put the focus on the people you're trying to serve
  • How much longer will we be willing to give up autonomy for social media
  • Finding success off of social media
  • How to engage in a Christ- like way on social media
  • How can a Christian, engage a Christian with a message engage in social media
  • How can Christian creators avoid the sort of harmful manipulative, deceptive practices that people have on social to kind of sell their their junk, whatever it is, and, and do it in a way that really honors not only Christ, but also the human beings that they're trying to share it with 
  • Best tip for translating your followers to your email list





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