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What We Learned at Podcast Movement 2023

Oct 24, 2023

Podcast Movement 2023 took place in Denver, Colorado in August 2023. While it seems like yesterday, it's actually been a couple of months ago.

If you couldn't be there (and that's most of us, right?), you can still learn from those of us who were.

In this episode recorded live at the event, host Eric Nevins sat down with Amy Fritz, Lori Adams-Brown, Alajahwon Ridgeway, Melissa Weber, Amanda Turnbull, Ryan Clevenger, and Norman Smith.

They reveal the lessons they've learned and discuss their experiences and key takeaways from the event.

Come along for the journey and let us know what your takeaway was from this episode!

Quotes from the episode: 

Meeting other podcasters at Podcast Movement was a game-changer for me. The support and understanding from this community is invaluable. - Amy Fritz

Active engagement with your audience is key. Take the time to listen to them, connect with them, and build long-term relationships. It's worth the investment. - Elijah Ridgeway

Hearing what your audience needs and creating a product for them is powerful. It's important to serve your listeners and provide value that aligns with their needs. - Melissa Weber

Timestamped summary of this episode:

00:00:00 - The Power of Community in Podcasting
Podcasting can feel isolating, but being part of a community of like-minded individuals can combat the loneliness and provide support and inspiration.

00:01:36 - Highlights from Podcast Movement
Eric and Amy discuss their experience at Podcast Movement, the largest convention for podcasters. They talk about the different tracks available and the importance of continuous learning.

00:06:05 - Untangled Faith Podcast and Feed Drops
Amy introduces her podcast, Untangled Faith, which focuses on helping people navigate their Christian faith journey. She shares her plan to do a feed drop on another podcast as a strategy to reach new listeners.

00:08:27 - A World of Difference Podcast and Key Takeaways
Lori talks about her podcast, A World of Difference, which celebrates diversity and unity. She shares her approach of implementing a maximum of three takeaways from podcast conferences and highlights the importance of synthesizing information.

00:09:29 - Evolving Technology in Podcasting
Eric and Lori discuss the ever-changing landscape of podcasting technology. Lori emphasizes the importance of staying informed and adapting to new technological advancements.

00:13:04 - The Value of Every Person
The conversation highlights the importance of recognizing the worth and significance of every individual we meet. It emphasizes the idea that everyone has something to teach us and that we should approach each interaction with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

00:13:58 - YouTube Shorts and Podcasting
The guest shares their experience as a reluctant YouTuber and how they recently started utilizing YouTube for their podcast. They mention the potential benefits of adding YouTube Shorts to their content and express their willingness to try it out.

00:15:32 - Passive vs Proactive Engagement
The guest discusses the importance of actively engaging with podcast listeners rather than simply passively producing content. They emphasize the value of networking, building relationships, and seeking feedback from the audience to tailor the podcast to their needs.

00:16:36 - Finding Support and Community
The guest reflects on the sense of loneliness that can come with podcasting and highlights the power of being surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals. They emphasize the strength that comes from collaboration and the exchange of ideas within a supportive network.

00:19:13 - Building Relationships and Support
The conversation emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships with podcast listeners and the podcasting community. The guest suggests reaching out to individuals personally, engaging with their feedback, and focusing on long-term relationships rather than short-term gains.

00:25:52 - Introduction
Eric introduces the guests on the podcast episode, including Amy Fritz, Alajahwon Ridgeway, Melissa Weber, Amanda Turnbull, and Ryan Clevenger.

00:26:29 - Tablecast Podcast
Amanda Turnbull talks about her podcast, Tablecast, where she and Melissa interview women and provide a platform for them to share their stories and find confidence in their calling.

00:28:34 - Burning Butterflies Podcast
Amanda discusses the idea of starting a second podcast called "Burning Butterflies," which focuses on sharing stories of hurt, trauma, and healing within Christianity. The podcast aims to provide hope to those who have walked away from their faith.

00:30:31 - The Power of Storytelling
Amanda shares how their podcast has resonated with people outside of the Christian community, including agnostics and atheists. She emphasizes the power of their story and God's redemption in overcoming darkness.

00:31:16 - Where You're From Podcast
Ryan Clevenger discusses his role as a podcast producer for "Where You're From," a podcast that explores origin stories at the intersection of faith and culture. He reflects on the importance of reevaluating and improving their podcasting processes to better serve their audience.

00:33:18 - Rethinking Interview Processes
Ryan shares his takeaway from the podcast movement conference, where he learned the value of rethinking and improving their interview processes for "Where

00:40:00 - The Value of Hearing People's Stories
Eric expresses his interest in talking to people and hearing their stories about how God has worked in their lives. He believes that everyone has valuable lessons to share, but they may not always think about them until someone asks. He emphasizes the importance of having these conversations in the church community.

00:40:25 - Importance of Enjoyment in Conversations
Eric discusses the importance of enjoying the conversations he has on his podcast. He believes that if he is having fun and is passionate about the topic, it will come through on the mic and make the conversation more enjoyable for the audience as well.

00:41:11 - People Are Awesome
Eric and his guest Norman agree that people are awesome and each person has a unique and cool story to share. They emphasize the value of drawing out these stories and connecting with others through podcasting.

00:41:48 - Where to Find Norman
Norman shares that his website is and he can be found on all podcast streaming platforms under the name "Run with Horses."

00:43:14 - Takeaways from the YouTube Session
Eric and his guest Amy discuss their takeaways from a session they attended about YouTube. They mention the importance of YouTube as a search engine and a platform for discoverability. They also highlight the idea that the definition of a podcast can vary based on how it is consumed, whether as audio or video.

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