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Using Capsho to Get Your Show Discovered with Deirdre Tshien

Oct 31, 2023

AI is all the rage right now and that is especially true in the world of podcasting. What if using AI tools could make you not only faster but also help you how get discovered, more downloads, and reach the exact people you want to serve?

Today, we are excited to welcome Deirdre Tshien, CEO and Founder of, the world's first AI-powered podcast copywriter. I've used it and find the tool extremely helpful.

Deirdre is going to explain how to think about the already here AI revolution, best practices for getting the most out of Capsho, and how she is creating raving fans for the company. This conversation is going to help you level up your podcast production and promotion processes right away!

Meet our Guest

Deirdre Tshien is the CEO and founder of Capsho, a pioneering platform that focuses on improving podcast discoverability and audience reach. With a background in banking and a keen interest in emerging technologies, Deirdre brings a unique perspective to the podcasting industry. Originally from Australia, she has a track record of exploring innovative solutions and their potential applications across various sectors. After a venture in the fashion technology space, Deirdre shifted her focus to the podcasting realm and recognized the common challenge faced by podcasters in gaining visibility and attracting listeners. Motivated by this observation, she founded Capsho to provide podcasters with effective tools and strategies to boost their show's discoverability, engage with their target audience, and achieve greater success. Through Capsho, Deirdre is revolutionizing the podcasting landscape by empowering content creators to maximize their potential and broaden their impact in an increasingly competitive market.

Quotes from the episode:

There's no better way to find your voice and amplify your message than a podcast. - Deirdre Tshien

Copywriting is so vitally important because we need to be able to nail the value that we provide, the audience that we're trying to reach, and the fact that we can solve a problem that they have. - Deirdre Tshien

If we can get people to our podcast and get them to connect with us and come to know, like, and trust us through our podcast, then they'll come to our challenge and that's when we can invite them to our program. - Deirdre Tshien

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Boost your podcast's discoverability and reach by leveraging Capsho's powerful audio marketing platform.

  • Learn effective marketing strategies to maximize your podcast's visibility and attract a larger audience using Capsho.

  • Discover how to build a strong and supportive community of fellow podcasters to collaborate, learn from, and grow together.

  • Adopt a customer-centric approach in podcasting to better understand and cater to your audience's needs, resulting in increased engagement and loyalty.

  • Unlock the full potential of Capsho's features to enhance your podcast's discoverability and make it easier for new listeners to find and enjoy your content.

Timestamped summary of this episode:

00:00:03 - The Role of AI in Assisting Humans
Deirdre discusses the importance of AI as an assistant rather than a replacement for humans in various fields, including podcasting.

00:00:47 - Constant Improvement in Podcasting
The concept of "1% better every day" is introduced as a way for podcasters to continually improve their content and delivery.

00:02:02 - Deirdre's Background and Career Journey
Deirdre shares her background, growing up in Australia, pursuing a law degree, and working in the banking industry before exploring AI and technology.

00:04:16 - Transition from Hospitality to AI
Deirdre discusses the catalyst for transitioning from the hospitality industry to exploring AI and technology, as well as the failed fashion technology idea that led to the creation of CapShow.

00:07:56 - Importance of Meeting a Need
Deirdre emphasizes the importance of meeting a significant need when starting a business or creating content, using the example of their failed fashion technology idea as a learning experience.

00:14:25 - Importance of Copywriting
Copywriting is essential as it determines how we communicate with our audience and how we represent our brand. It encompasses everything from podcast transcripts to taglines and colors. Effective copywriting helps us convey our value, reach our target audience, and solve their problems.

00:16:01 - Podcasting Process
The podcasting process involves idea generation, recording, publishing, and promotion. By the time we reach the promotion stage, we often feel exhausted. Captcho helps podcasters promote their episodes efficiently and effectively, amplifying their message and extending the lifespan of their content.

00:18:53 - Creating Content Legacy
Captcho not only helps with marketing and promotion but also contributes to creating a content legacy. Instead of letting episodes fade away after a spike in listenership, Captcho helps extend the lifespan of content and ensures it continues to provide value over time.

00:19:57 - Underutilized Feature of Captcho 2.0
The ability to create custom templates in Captcho 2.0 is an underutilized feature. Templates allow podcasters to structure their content according to their specific needs and cater to different audience segments. This feature helps optimize messaging and ensure a personalized approach.

00:23:11 - AI and Ethics
AI is a powerful tool that should be embraced rather than feared. It is essential to stay ahead in today's digital landscape. However, it is crucial to maintain a sense of ethics and humanity when using AI.

00:29:04 - Getting Started with Captivate and Maximizing Its Potential
Deirdre recommends taking advantage of the free audio mini courses offered by Captivate to learn how to use the platform effectively for podcast discovery and social media visibility. The courses are quick and provide valuable insights into the marketing potential of Captivate.

00:30:37 - Building a Community of Capchovians
Deirdre and the team at Captivate are focused on helping their users succeed and creating a sense of community. They offer monthly challenges and Q&A sessions to support their users' growth. The team also goes the extra mile by sending physical mail and delightful surprises to their community members.

00:31:19 - Making It About the Community
Deirdre emphasizes the importance of making the podcasting journey about the audience and community. By focusing on their needs and delighting them along the way, Captivate aims to create a supportive and enjoyable experience for their Capchovians.

00:33:25 - Celebrating the Community's Achievements
Captivate celebrated their one-year anniversary by making it about their community. They sent out mailouts, created a funny welcome video, and planned more exciting surprises. By putting their Capchovians first, Captivate fosters a strong sense of belonging within their community.

00:34:20 - Where to Find Captivate and Bonus Surprise
Listeners can sign up for Captivate at and access the free audio mini course at

Connect with Deirdre Tshien:


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