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Renew Your Mindset with Katie Hornor

May 09, 2023


What is your relationship with money like?

In American church, some of us grew up with an understanding that money was bad and a desire to make it was worse. But what if that's not true at all? 

I have good news for you, friends!

You don't have to live like Francis of Assisi (who famously renounced his inherited fortune and relied on the Lord for his provision as a monk) if you don't feel called to. In fact, the Lord may call you to change your  mindset around money from an evil to a tool.

In this conversation, Katie Hornor and I discuss how mindset can change your business, relationships, and creativity. 

Our guest Katie Hornor is an experienced speaker, best-selling author, and an expat entrepreneur in a sleepy little seaside town in Mexico. Katie and her husband pioneered what became the first ever literature based homeschool curriculum for the Spanish speaking world. She's inspiring millions of people with her books or programs and her podcast.

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  • What is The Flamingo Advantage about
  • Raising money for ministry work in Mexico
  • Her family’s journey in relocating to Mexico, a journey she can’t forget
  • Knowing it was God who brought her and her family there
  • Limiting beliefs that Katie has overcome
  • Going back to the truth about money
  • The importance of knowing the truth about business
  • Founding the truth around God and business
  • Can’t separate who you are from what you are doing
  • Accepting what God has entrusted to us
  • How she embrace believing and teaching God owns her business
  • How to grow a podcast
  • How she create relationships and experiences for people
  • What mindset should Christian entrepreneurs need to adopt
  • Being faithful to what God has given to do
  • What gives energy and creativity to your business





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