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Is Banter Good or Bad? with Eric Nevins and Amy Fritz

Feb 13, 2024

Is Banter Good or Bad?

Get ready for an eye-opening discussion on banter in podcasts.

Join us as we explore the impact of banter, the value of authenticity, and the unique voice each podcaster brings to the table.

In this episode of The Christian Podcaster, our host Eric Nevins explores the significance of banter in fostering connections with listeners and discusses using banter effectively with guest Amy Fritz. Amy and Eric shed light on the importance of considering the podcast's theme and audience interests when including banter, emphasizing the need for relevancy and value. The episode delves into the power of planning and authentic engagement, offering valuable takeaways for podcasters aiming to enhance audience connection.

If you're looking to elevate your podcasting game and improve audience engagement, this episode provides practical tips and insights for incorporating banter that resonates with your listeners, fostering a deeper connection and enriching their listening experience.

Tune in to find out!

Quotes from the episode:

"The best banter is perfectly planned for. The amount of editing that you're willing to do, the amount of thought that you're willing to put into your podcast does determine the quality of your show, including your banter. "- Eric Nevins

"Be yourself in Christ, he made you for a reason, and we need you, and podcasting needs you, and the people who need to listen to your show need you as well." - Amy Fritz

"If you see that people are skipping through your first 10-15 minutes long intro, that's a while. So you want to get to the content sooner than later. Give them something to enjoy, give something to consume to chew on. You can always come back to some of the other pieces, but it just depends. "- Eric Nevins

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Understand that relevant banter adds depth and connection to podcasts

  • Embrace authenticity to elevate your podcasting game

  • Cultivate trust with your audience through genuine connection

  • Master the art of banter for engaging podcasts

  • Leverage relevant banter to captivate your audience

Timestamped summary of this episode:

00:00:00 - The Importance of Thoughtful Banter
The host emphasizes the importance of well-planned banter, stating that the amount of thought and editing put into a podcast determines its quality, including banter.

00:03:19 - Defining Banter
 The conversation delves into the definition of banter, with the host and guest discussing its role as a warm-up or runway for the main content, as well as a way to share personal aspects and connect with the audience.

00:07:10 - Perspectives on Banter
The host reads comments from listeners expressing both positive and negative views on banter, reflecting the diverse opinions on its value in podcasting, with some finding it essential for connection and others preferring to skip it.

00:11:36 - The Example of "The Holy Post"
The host highlights the banter on "The Holy Post" podcast, discussing its format and how it has been received by listeners, noting the attempt to change the format and its outcome.

00:12:40 - The Role of Banter in Podcasts
The hosts discuss the importance of banter in podcasts and when it makes sense to include it. They mention the need for banter to be relevant and solve a problem for the audience, as well as the potential pitfalls of irrelevant banter.

00:15:00 - Relevance of Banter
The hosts emphasize the importance of relevance when incorporating banter. They use examples to illustrate how banter should align with the theme of the podcast and provide value to the listeners, cautioning against inside jokes and random tangents.

00:16:22 - Banter with Guests
The discussion shifts to how to incorporate banter when hosting a solo podcast or interviewing guests. The hosts share their experiences of personal connections with guests and the need to involve the listener in the conversation, even when bantering with guests.

00:21:49 - Earning the Right with Your Audience
The hosts delve into the concept of earning the right to include banter in a podcast. They explore the idea of providing value to the audience and setting clear expectations about the podcast's content, using examples to highlight the importance of audience engagement.

00:24:19 - Monitoring Audience Engagement
The conversation concludes with a discussion on monitoring audience engagement through podcast statistics. The hosts emphasize the significance of analyzing listener behavior, such as drop-off points, to determine the effectiveness of banter in the podcast.

00:25:48 - The Importance of Planned Banter
Planning and thoughtful editing play a crucial role in determining the quality of banter in a podcast. The level of effort put into the show directly impacts the effectiveness of banter.

00:26:19 - Factors Affecting Banter
Banter can bring value to the audience, but its success depends on the podcaster's personality, audience, and podcast goals. Understanding and stewarding the audience's trust is essential when experimenting with banter.

00:26:51 - Authenticity in Banter
Authenticity is key in banter. Trying to imitate someone else can lead to a loss of trust from the audience. Being genuine and true to oneself allows banter to naturally come through, enhancing the podcast experience.

00:27:18 - Embracing Individuality
Embracing one's unique identity and not trying to emulate others is crucial in successful banter. Being true to oneself, especially in Christ, is emphasized as a valuable aspect of authentic podcasting.

00:27:40 - Joining the Conversation
Listeners are encouraged to join the Christian Podcasters Association's free Facebook group, Cpagold, for a deeper dive into podcasting topics. The importance of community and support in the podcasting journey is highlighted.

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