Mary Snyder

Mary Snyder is the host of Take the Stage podcast – a show for speakers, by speakers with guests such as Lysa TerKeurst and Jonathan Merritt, she’s also a speaker coach, event planner and tour producer with over 20 years in the Christian events industry. She has produced hundreds of live events over the years and worked with some of the most influential speakers in the industry.  

In 2020, she shifted from live events to virtual events and has currently produced over 25 live virtual events.

Mary has successfully coached high level influencers, speakers and artists on how to connect to a virtual audience.  She is passionate about sharing her years of experience with speakers and podcasters.


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Know Your Audience to Grow Your Audience

How do you develop a show if you don’t know who’s listening?   Join Mary, the producer of hundreds of shows – both in person and virtual, as she walks you through the importance of knowing your audience. Understanding your audience helps you connect and engage and  this will grow your show.

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