Tonya Kubo

Tonya Kubo has been building community online since before the first iPhone. She knows trends change but believes the desire for human connection never goes out of style. She applies digital marketing strategies to help message-driven writers and entrepreneurs grow highly engaged online communities so they can stop counting followers and start connecting with the followers who count. Her people-first approach to online community management has driven the success of book launch teams and interest-based Facebook groups of all sizes.

As leader of Kathi Lipp's Clutter Free Academy Facebook group, she's a frequent guest on the Clutter Free Academy podcast, and has also been featured on the Biz Mavens, Communicator Academy and Captivate podcasts.

She lives in the heart of California with her husband Brian, two spirited little girls and one very tolerant cat.

Connect with Tonya on her website.

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How to Create an Online Community Your Listeners Can't Wait to Join

"If you build it, they will come" is only true in the movies. In real life. you have to work a little harder to gather together a community of listeners who binge on your podcast and share it with those they know. Online community evangelist Tonya Kubo will share her step-by-step process of building listener groups to support your podcast, books and programs. You'll learn how to apply the art and science of online user behavior to attract the right people to your group and keep them connected.

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