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Amber Cullum of Grace Enough Podcast

Oct 09, 2020


Amber Cullum is a mom to three and the podcaster behind Grace Enough podcast. Today, Amber shares how she made the choice to start a podcast, why her favorite episodes are vulnerable, and the joy of book that great guest. Amber's story reminds us that we all start somewhere and grow from there.

Listen to Amber's story now!

Stories Amber shared:

  • Growing up in Kentucky and how she ended up in North Carolina
  • Her passion for connecting women around faith
  • Enjoying photography and the Bible
  • Teaching her kids how to engage culture
  • Making the choice to get started
  • Why getting behind a mic was uncomfortable
  • Starting her podcast for herself
  • What she wanted to show about God's work in the world
  • What her favorite episodes have in common (hint: vulnerability)
  • Learning to not shy away from difficult questions
  • How she sees God work through her podcasts
  • Why nailing your mission is her best advice for new podcasters
  • Why you should commit to your podcast for a year
  • The joy of booking a great guest
  • Creating a list of dream guests

Great quotes from Amber:

It fires me up when I can connect people.

What better way to learn and connect people than through podcasting?

Just because there are shows that are similar, doesn't mean people know about those shows.

Resources we mentioned:

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