Meg Glesener and Clubhouse for Podcasters

christian podcaster Mar 30, 2021

Meg Glesener of the Letters from Home podcast and admin of Christian Podcasters Association got on Clubhouse right around Christmas 2020. She instantly fell in love with the platform seeing the huge opportunity it represents.

"Clubhouse is putting the social back in social media," Glesener heard someone say recently. And it's true. 

In this episode of the Christian Podcaster, you'll learn:

  • What is Clubhouse, anyway?
  • How to start your own club
  • Tips and tricks to moderating a killer room
  • Clubhouse etiquette
  • Unique clubhouse terms you'll need to know in order to hang with the cool kids
  • Why your show will benefit from getting on the platform
  • And more!

Listen to Meg share her experiences with Clubhouse now!


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