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J. Parker of Sex Chat for Christian Wives

Sep 17, 2020

J. Parker is a blogger and podcaster on Sex Chat for Christian Wives with three other women who are also Christian sex bloggers. She is passionate about helping Christian wives create a biblical understanding of sex and marriage. Today, J. shares the unique challenges and opportunities having three other bloggers to share the work with, how to pick a great title for your show, and matching your format to your content.

Listen to J.'s podcasting journey now!

Stories J. shared:

  • How she got into podcasting
  • Deciding on a unique format for their show
  • Struggling with audio quality
  • What happens when things go wrong
  • The time the recording kept going and they published three hours of private conversations
  • Learning to be more authentic with calls to action
  • What to do with reviews
  • How to pick a great title for your podcast
  • The agreement critical to the partnership
  • The importance of clarity
  • The change in perspective her team wanted to make for Christian wives regarding sex
  • Her favorite episodes of the show
  • What she learned about herself while doing the show

Great quotes from J.:

We are about having good content and consistency.

You can survive quite a lot if you are providing content that people want to listen to, and are being authentic, and as professional as you can be.

When you choose your format, think about  your mission and how best to deliver the content you want.

Resources we mentioned:


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