James Early of The Bible Speaks to You

christian podcaster Apr 06, 2021


James Early is the podcaster behind The Bible Speaks to You. Today,  James shares why he spent so much time on his first three episodes, unique ways he is responsive to his audience, and how his perspective has changed over his years of creating. James is a great example of learning the ropes as best you can while not being afraid to grow at the same time.

Listen to James' story now! 

Stories James shared:

  • The mission of getting back to the mindset of Jesus
  • Why he loves gardening
  • Getting started and why it took him two years
  • Why he's glad he put so much effort into his first episode
  • Launching with three episodes
  • Reaching people who want to take their faith to another level
  • Being responsive to his audience
  • The shift to being audience focused
  • Allowing others to shine through interviews
  • How his favorite episodes help

Great quotes from James:

I'm not afraid to tip over a few sacred cows now and then.

I need to know every detail so I know if I'm doing it right or not.

The episodes I like the best are the ones where I learn something.

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