Jenn Uren of This Mom Knows

christian podcaster Apr 20, 2021


Jenn Uren is the creator of the brand new podcast, This Mom Knows. Today, Jenn shares how she honed her message for podcasting, the value of curiosity, and how she learned to make her deadlines. Jenn's show is encouraging moms and she is setting the example for audience building and service.

Listen to Jenn's story now!

Stories Jenn shared:

  • Creating a show to bring moms together
  • Enjoying photography
  • Overcoming her perfectionism as she was working on her podcast
  • Connecting with CPA to help her as she started
  • Growing her blog into a podcast
  • Honing her message as she began podcasting
  • The value of curiosity in podcasting and life in general
  • Learning how to add external deadlines for herself
  • Why she went with Podtastics for hosting
  • Creating mini-courses for moms

Great quotes from Jenn:

As I listened I learned that I have something to share as well.

Relationship is not me to other people exclusively; there is an element of me to me. By taking care of myself, I was not only taking care of myself, I was taking care of my family better.

When you look at somebody, what you see is not necessarily what you get. Everyone has a story and you just need to dig a little deeper.

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