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Markus Watson of Spiritual Life and Leadership

Mar 02, 2021


Markus is the host of Spiritual Life and Leadership. He's a pastor and wanted a way to help Christian leaders lead from a healthy inner life. Today, Markus shares how he overcame imposter syndrome, the clarity of his message and audience, and how it feels when you finally book that popular guest.

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Stories Markus shared:

  • The problem he saw that needed solving
  • Why he chose the podcast name that he did
  • Being a fan of Star Wars
  • Starting in 2018 whether people liked it or not
  • Why he didn't get spiritual formation until later in life
  • Getting over the idea of being a podcaster
  • Buying Podcasting for Dummies
  • The clarity of his audience and mission
  • Learning from others on his show
  • Booking great guests and how that makes him feel
  • Getting books from publishers
  • How podcasting connects you to others

Great quotes from Markus:

I started with less than 10 listeners for months. Then it doubled. Then it doubled again.

Nobody else is going to help you get started. So I'm like "Okay, Lord. If this is what you want me to do, I'm going to pick myself to do it."

The goal is to help leaders lead in a help leaders lead from a healthy inner life.

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