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Tim Winders of SeekGoCreate

Mar 16, 2021


Tim Winders is the host of SeekGoCreate where he seeks to redefine success. Today, Tim shares how he started with the "minimum viable podcast," why you should worry more about content than technology, and the surprising authority you can build as a podcaster. Tim's story reminds us that getting started with a commitment to iteration is a powerful thing.

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Stories Tim shared:

  • Living in his RV with his wife while they travel
  • Being a reluctant podcaster
  • Recording his early episodes in the RV
  • Starting his show after resisting for some time
  • Creating a minimum viable podcast
  • Why you should worry more about your content than your technology
  • The people he is trying to reach
  • Getting clear on who you serve
  • Tim's favorite episodes of his show
  • The authority you can build as a podcaster

Great quotes from Tim:

We are creating content and we are hopeful that it encourages people.

Content is the business we are in.

Part of what we've had to purge the last seven years is how do we really define success?

The thing that shocks me is how many doors podcasting opens up.

Resources we mentioned:

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