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Tracy Winchell of The Reboots Podcast

Mar 23, 2021


Tracy Winchell is the podcaster behind the Reboots Podcast, an avid journaler, and former television reporter. Today, Tracy shares how she created the podcast she needed, how she overcame technological nerves, and why she wanted people to know that change is possible. Tracy's journey reminds us that podcasting is as much about personal development as it is audience development.

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Stories Tracy shared:

  • How conversations surprised her after she started podcasting
  • What has changed since her television reporter days
  • Why baseball is awesome and a community activity
  • Why she started Reboots Podcast
  • Getting nervous to produce a podcast even though she was broadcast professional
  • Why she wanted to tell people that change is possible
  • How community has helped her
  • What she's learned from interviewing people 
  • Why she is into ROAM

Great quotes from Tracy:

It's terrifying to key a microphone.

Change is possible. Hope exists.

Without community, I don't make it this far. The same is true for doing anything difficult and podcasting ain't no easy thing.

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