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Chris Staron of the Truce Podcast

Sep 17, 2020


Chris Staron is an author, former filmmaker, and award winning podcaster. Today, Chris shares with us about how he found his voice, why people struggling with faith should hear his show, and how his format has evolved over time. Chris is one of my favorite Christian podcasters and I just know you will enjoy him and Truce podcast.

Listen to Chris's story, now!

Stories Chris shared:

  • Why he likes improv comedy
  • How he tries to talk about difficult issues in a fun way
  • How he found his voice when podcasting
  • Why he listened to a lot of podcasts before launching his own show
  • The level of research he puts into each episode
  • The places he's lived that have influenced him
  • Why people struggling with their faith should listen to Truce
  • How his goal for Truce has evolved over time
  • What he learned about himself recording in a silver mine
  • Why he is a big fan of editing
  • How making films prepared him for podcasting
  • What he looks for when creating an episode of Truce

Great quotes from Chris:

I think I was channelling Phoebe Judge from Criminal. She's my radio crush.

I had to get used to the idea that my voice is part of my character and it's fine. It works for my show.

I can have more power by presenting a thought rather than presenting a conclusion.

Resources we mentioned:

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