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Eric Nevins of Halfway There

Oct 06, 2020


Eric Nevins is the host of Halfway There, a podcast focused on the Christian spiritual journey. He also founded Christian Podcasters Association in 2017 to bring Christian podcasters together. Today, Eric shares about learning about supernatural experiences with God, how podcasting helped him find his mission, and why short introductions are better than long ones. Eric reminds us that this podcasting is about personal development not audience development.

Listen to Eric's story now!

Stories Eric shared:

  • Living in Denver with his wife, four kids, and a wonder dog
  • Starting Halfway There to talk about the spiritual journey
  • Learning that stories are more comfortable than teaching
  • Believing in the supernatural
  • The time Eric discouraged his wife 
  • How disciplines serve the goal of formation in Christ
  • How Halfway There has changed
  • Why short introductions are better than long ones
  • Why you should just start now
  • The value of iteration in podcasting (and life)
  • How he discovered his style
  • What to do when an interview is difficult
  • Why he started Christian Podcasters Association
  • The camaraderie of the podcasting industry

Great quotes from Eric:

The practice serves the goal of maturity in Christ.

When did your faith become your own?

Resources we mentioned:

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