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Jennifer Eikenhorst of Accidental Hope

Oct 30, 2020

 Jennifer Eikenhorst is the host of Accidental Hope. She is a mom of four, wife, and a middle school math teacher. Her story changed when she caused an accident that killed someone. Today, Jennifer shares how her podcast gave her a place to share her story, help people like her, and create good out of a tragic situation. Jennifer's podcasting journey reminds us that we can do big things even when we are scared.

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Stories Jennifer shared:

  • Her crazy house including a quarantine puppy
  • Loving dance fitness
  • Getting on bikes with the family
  • Starting her podcast in 2018
  • Tools she didn't know she had that helps with podcasting
  • The tragic car accident that changed her life
  • The pushback she expected when she started her podcast
  • Wrestling with Imposter's Syndrome
  • Reaching for guests she thought would never say yes
  • Her favorite guests on the show
  • Opening up on mental health in the church
  • Starting scared and the joy as a result
  • Starting a YouTube channel next
  • Writing her memoir

Great quotes from Jennifer:

God put a bunch of tools in my tool belt before I even knew.

I'm only there for one, anyway. I'm only there for God and he can work out the rest.

I did it while I was scared and now it's one of the things that brings me joy.

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