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Michael Woodward of JumbleThink

Sep 25, 2020


Michael Woodward is the host of JumbleThink, a podcast about the story of ideas. He aims high for his guest and never fails to disappoint. Today, he shares the challenge he gives himself in podcasting, how to get good feedback for your podcast, and why you should never swap reviews. Michael is a world class podcaster and I know you're going to love this conversation!

Listen to Michael's story now!

Stories Michael shared:

  • Why he's so passionate about helping people find their passion
  • Why he loves people who develop their craft
  • Whey playing it safe is not actually safe
  • His bucket list of 421 items
  • Why you should live with passion
  • Why every job has some element of creativity
  • Putting out multiple episodes per week
  • The struggle of making due with what he has
  • The change he wants his podcast to make in the world
  • Why it's hard to get feedback from your podcast
  • How to get really good feedback on your show
  • Why not to swap reviews
  • Don't be hard on yourself as you grow
  • Finding more time to do what he wants to do
  • Extra podcasts Michael would love to launch

Great quotes from Michael:

I know where I want to be but I"m not where I want to be because I am where I am.

Sometimes I reach out to people just because I want to be in a room with them.

It's easy when you're in your own dungeon to go to dark places.

Have a conversation no one else is having.

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