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Michelle Rayburn and Life, Repurposed

Mar 09, 2021


Michelle Rayburn is the podcaster behind Life, Repurposed. Today, Michelle shares how her podcast grew from her blog, how to know your audience, and why you have to make a commitment to showing up for every episode. Michelle reminds us to be faithful to what the Lord called us to even when the numbers aren't what we'd hoped. The Lord still wants to use your content so keep going.

Listen to Michelle's story now!

Stories Michelle shared:

  • How her decorating blog turned into a larger ministry
  • Living in Wisconsin and gradually moving North
  • Starting her podcast as a way for people to experience her content while they are doing other things
  • Switching from video to audio only
  • The specific way she defined her audience
  • How she got to know her audience
  • How she chooses guests for her show
  • Michelle's favorite episode of her show
  • Why you have to make a commitment to show up
  • Looking at next steps and praying for what God wants

Great quotes from Michelle:

I discovered [when doing video and audio] that I had to cultivate two different audiences and that was more work than I had time to do.

If you don't know your audience in some way, I don't know how you can produce content for them.

If I use the numbers as an indicator of success, then I lose sight of my mission.

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