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Ruthie Gray of Instagram Insider Hacks

Dec 11, 2020


Ruthie Gray is a blogger and host of the Instagram Insider Hacks podcast where she makes Instagram "so easy your mom can do it." Today, Ruthie shares how she overcame understanding all the technology, why you need to share your life on Instagram, and the episode that proves a little work can pay off big. Ruthie says you just need to get started—both podcasting and Instagram—or you will never improve.

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Stories Ruthie shared:

  • Why she is passionate about helping moms
  • Overcoming the obstacle of technology
  • How her podcasts help moms pursuing a vision
  • Why you need to share yourself on social media
  • Making Instagram accessible to moms so they can get their message out
  • The episode that proves how powerful Instagram is
  • Why she doesn't take a ton of time with show notes
  • Why you should just get started

Great quotes from Ruthie:

I don't need to work for five hours on show notes because no one will read them anyway.

You can always delete and do it again. But eventually you have to put it out there.

Resources we mentioned:


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