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The Most Powerful Lesson Podcasting Taught Me

Aug 31, 2022

Today, we talk about the most powerful lesson I’ve learned from podcasting: saying yes.

If you’re like me, you have a gut reaction to reading that.

You want to get the message out but are just a little bit reserved about asking for the spotlight. You’ve heard so many wise sounding sermonizers and pontificators say things like “Every yes is also a no” which may be true. 

It can also become a really easy excuse for not stepping into the opportunities God is bringing your way.

That was certainly the case for me.

Saying yes to the right things brings your God-given vision closer to reality.

As I was growing Halfway There, I had to say yes to a variety of new experiences.

  • I said yes to engaging a coach in 2015 when he offered to coach me. So glad I did because I never would have launched without his encouragement.
  • I said yes to overcoming fear of launching and even had a little party with some of my guests where Tim asked for money in case someone wanted to donate. One friend gave me enough to buy a mixer and a new mic.
  • I said yes to an author who offered to give me a copy of his book. That led to relationships with various publishers to bring me more well known guests.
  • I said yes to a virtual mentor and flew to Nashville to attend his conference. It changed my life and challenged me to dream bigger.
  • I said yes to an invitation to become an icon of influence at New Media Summit even though I was terrified. That relationship led to a role at Podcast Magazine curating the Religion & Spirituality section.

Yes overcomes fear.

This run down isn’t here to impress you. If anything, I hope you hear the fear and trembling accompanying each one of these events. I wasn’t prepared for any of them but they led to good things.

Saying yes required me to face the fear, open up to new relationships, and invest in myself in new ways.

You may be in a similar spot with your show now. 

  • Is it time to say yes to that speaking opportunity? 
  • To asking that guest who scares you just a little? 
  • To showing up with value on someone else’s show? 
  • Something else?

What practice, opportunity, or investment is the Lord asking you to say yes to right now?


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